Breast/Chest Treatments by Dr Wee Clinic (Taman Century)

When it comes to Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging, Skin (Dermatology) treatments, it is normal to be concerned about safety and efficacy of the treatments.

This goes true for Breast/Chest treatments like Breast Augmentation, Macrolane™.

At Johor Bahru, Johor, you can find the best, affordable Breast/Chest treatments at Dr Wee Clinic (Taman Century). Take a look at the services we offer below and send an enquiry to know further about the treatment services with our medical team, Dr. Gow Pei Min, Dr. Nur Shairah Fatin Badaruddin, Dr. Cheryline Dorcas Nagarajan and others.


Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Do you wish to enhance the size, shape or fullness of your breast? Sometimes, we can also experience breast volume loss due to loose skin via aging, pregnancy or weight loss. There are different methods and procedures that can help you in changing your breast size and shape.

Breast augmentation usually involves surgical procedures using implants or fat transfer procedures to increase breast size or breast volume. Or if you prefer non-surgical procedures, there are breast lifting or filler injection procedures available, too. Different procedures can be effective for different types of results or conditions. Discuss with your doctor to see which treatment suits you best to achieve your desired results. An overnight stay in the clinic or hospital is usually required for surgical breast augmentation procedures.